Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It Came From the Trackbacks

Here at Versus Clu Clu Land, our motto is “Come for the Guitar Hero flamewars, say for the Brechtian analysis of Metal Gear Solid 2.” But I also want to do justice for the people who didn't mean to be here at all. I spend a lot of time checking the trackbacks to my blog, which shows referrals from other sites-- it's always heartening to see this modest venture make it on a blogroll or find someone who has an opinion about something I wrote. But the most colorful discoveries are the google searches, which reveal a legion of wayward souls who mistakenly clicked this site in the honest pursuit of deathclaw pornography. Deathclaws pornography searcher, your quest was not in vain; you will achieve posterity, as a trackback. A sampling:

"pictures in iroquois of there land" #3

"Foucault hermeneutics of the subject" #5


“if you were an iroquoi learning in an iroquois town” #6

“sexy mystery woman picture “ #1

“rock band guitar controller doesn't play fast notes” #1

“i have not told my garden yet thesis” #2

“why use pronoun she instead of he” #13

“mark frumkin dreadlocks” #6

“brechtian the expectation of the rule” #1

“intrinsic desire versus self discipline are both compelling” #1

“boys games from seeing their stuff” #1

“deathclaws porn” #2

“player piano video for children” #5

“how to get fizzle bear on viva pinata” #6

“i have money world oyster” #4

“why i cant use my head while playing games” #4

“what does vault means” #1

“im really bad at this whole goodbye thing” #2

A special shout out to the author of twitter.com/powermobydick, who apparently spends his time compliling every mention of Moby Dick on the interwebs. Yours is a brave and noble calling.


Ben Abraham said...

Deathclaw pornography searcher, your quest was not in vain. A sampling:

What? Where's my deathclaw porn?! You got me all excited for nothing... =(

Iroquois Pliskin said...

mmm... good point. I should clarify. It wouldn't do to get people's hopes up.

#87 said...

"sexy mystery woman picture" has to be the most sweetly naive porn search I've ever heard of. It's like a thirteen-year-old decided he wanted a little old-fashioned romance in his furtive woman-picture searching.

Nels Anderson said...

"i have not told my garden yet thesis"

Heh, I like this one. A little poetic, yet melancholy. Thoreau-esque, even.

Still secondary to deathclaw porn though.

Travis Megill said...

I've gotta say something about Foucoult on my blog so I can get some search terms like that.