Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hotness

From the department of good ideas: they got MF DOOM and Ghostface back together to do a track for GTA: Chinatown Wars:

As a bonus, I recently found this video for Quasimoto's Rappcats pt. 3, it's pretty fantastic:

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F. Scott Frazier said...

Holy hell. This is some of the best news I have heard all day. I can't believe no one has mentioned this previously!

I wonder if the track will be released on iTunes in a format that can played on something other than the tinny speakers of the DS?

Going to listen to Fishscale and DangerDoom and Madvillain.

Iroquois Pliskin said...

@scott: if you go to the rappcats link at the bottom of the post there's an .mp3

Also, there have been rumors for some time of a MF DOOM/Ghostface album for some time. Here's hoping it happens-- DOOM has been quiet for a looong time.

Anonymous said...

If the news is to be believed, they say that the MF DOOM/Ghostface collabo should be coming out this year. But considering the first single came out years ago, I wouldn't hold my breath.

You heard the remix of the track yet? Pretty nice too :-)

Also, thanks for the youtube vid of that Quasimoto track was something I hadn't seen before.

You seen the Ocarina of Rhyme mashup album? Got the link from Offworld. Some of the tracks on that are pretty ill.