Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Two Scariest Videos on this Site (Since that Gunship Footage I Put up Earlier This Week)

I have been utterly obsessed with the album Cross, by the French dance group Justice, ever since I put together that custom playlist for WipEout. The video for the song Stress is culled directly from the nightmares of the French middle-class: gangs of multiethnic teen delinquents wantonly wrecking shit.

The companion piece is from the recent trailer from the game Bayonetta released for the Tokyo Game Show. The protagonist bears more than a passing resemblance to Sarah Palin, and the Palin-doppelganger aspect adds that extra level of unsavoriness to the game's manifest fondness for closeups of leather-sheathed female parts. enjoy!


chesh said...

What the hell. There are no words for that Bayonetta trailer. Just. WHAT.

I think I just had an aneurysm.

TOPolk said...

The uneasiest gets even uneasier once you realize that her "leather" suit is actually her hair. Freaky.

Denis Farr said...

Good, I am not the only one who sees the Palin/Bayonetta resemblance (I was almost afraid to mention it because I've been far too political of late).

My feelings on Justice are at extreme odds. Seeing them live just filled me with meh, but I've enjoyed most of their videos (working as a designer, I loved the one for DVNO).

Anonymous said...

Hi, IP! I promise I didn't stop commenting here just because I found out you weren't a girl. Been a busy time lately.


Funny how much I love written descriptions of Bayonetta, because I genuinely kind of loathe the trailer. That Devil May Cry aesthetic just makes me cringe. As does Palin, of course.

Scary stuff indeed...