Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Was on a Podcast!

About a month ago, loyal VCCL reader, eminent game scholar, and beard enthusiast Charles Pratt agreed to have me onto his gaming podcast, Another Castle. If you don't already listen to this podcast, you really should: given the roster of game development luminaries and accomplished scholars that have already been the show the presence of this semidefunct games-blogger is, er, pretty incongruous. Me, I was just pretty psyched to get a free Kirin and appear in a forum whose previous two guests were Eric fucking Zimmerman and Heather fucking Chaplin. Holy Christ!

I really enjoy arguing with Charles, and this podcast is pretty representative of the class of things we like to gab about, such as the nature of reality. Check it out!


Chris A said...

Good to hear! I just discovered Another Castle, and have been slowly making my way through the episodes on the drive to work... Great way to promote the dev scene out there.

Matthew "Sajon" Weise said...

I didn't feel like you guys much got into the nature of reality. "Reality" went undefined in the discussion, when I feel defining it could have probably pulled you out of the semantic loop you got into near the end.

Not that I would have probably done better myself, mind you. But listening to you guys really made me wonder what you were really arguing about. What is actually at stake in the whole "what's real, what's not" question anyway? You seemed absolutely determined not to let Jesper get away with saying fiction isn't real, which begs the question of what the consequences would be if you did.

What exactly happens if we assume Jesper's right? Are we thrown into some dystopian future where every game is Tetris and no game is MGS2?

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